Investor Presentation

 Your first or last presentation slides  to angel investors should contain your contact information

No later than Slide #2, your audience should know what your company does (at a high level). In some cases, a tag line on the cover slide can be sufficient.

 The following topics are usually covered with various depth (details are suggestions). Arrange the order and the depth to best fit your company. You can use backups slides to cover all those areas during Q&A, as needed.  Do not fall into the trap of focusing on your technology/product rather than your business. Investors want to understand their ROI and your business model, not just your product.

  1. Who: Founders; Key Management; Key Advisors.
  2. Problem: What is it and why is it a major pain point for the customer?
  3. Solution: Your product/service, why this is a “must have” for your customers, product status, time to market.
  4. Market: Size of space, your expected share and timeline.
  5. Customers: Who makes the buying decision? What is your sales strategy? Who are your early adopters? What is your expected sales cycle and customer acquisition costs?
  6. Technology/Barriers: What is your core technology? What barriers to entry can you erect against competitors? Patents? Costs of switching?
  7. Competition: What is the current and anticipated competition? How are you different? 
  8. Regulatory/Reimbursement: Any FDA regulatory requirements? Any reimbursement? If so, how much?
  9. Business Model: How will you make money, how much, what timeline? What does a customer pay for your product/services?
  10. Financial Pro Forma: Five year financials (simplify on slide). Include revenue, units (customers or num of products), COGS, sales & marketing, net income, gross margin, and cash balance.
  11. Funding: Funding to date and from whom. Amount from founders. Current raise – amount, terms, milestones that will be accomplished. Total amount needed to reach (1) positive cash flow and (2) exit.
  12. Exit: Be specific. What are your exit options? If acquisition, who are potential acquirers? What is the history of acquisitions in your space?
  13. Financing: How much are you trying to raise in this round? Expected Milestones and inflection points? Terms? Corporation status? How much more money will you need to reach positive cash flow.


HealthTech Capital submission link

HealthTech Capital submission link