Over $600 Million Raised!

HealthTech Capital portfolio companies have raised over $600 Million in follow-on rounds from leading venture and corporate investors.

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We Invest in...

HealthTech Capital invests in capital-efficient companies at the seed and series A round that improve healthcare delivery and decrease healthcare costs.

Who is Paying: 5 Ps

We have invested in all the 5 major categories that pay for innovative HealthTech Solutions:

Providers, Payers, Pharma, Patients or Self-Insured Employers

More than Money

HealthTech Capital Members are experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders. They are seasoned startup investors with a history of mentoring their companies. HTC's combination of Health and Tech domain expertise with deep startup knowledge is unique in nurturing  young startups. 

Higher Follow-on in Future Rounds

We support our portfolio companies in their follow-on round, typically with higher investments than our expected pro rata rights.

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Includes acquisition by Apple, Google, J&J, Hearst Health

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