About HealthTech Capital

HealthTech Capital is a group of private investors dedicated to funding and mentoring new "HealthTech" start ups at the intersection of healthcare with the computer and mobility worlds. HealthTech Capital is creating a new ecosystem with leading edge clinical providers, venture firms and other industry players.

Best of Breed Angel and Corporate Model

HealthTech Capital has a new investment approach that combines the best features of Angel Groups and Venture Capital funds.

HealthTech Capital member ecosystem to support HealthTech Market

From the Angel model, HealthTech Capital offers collegiality, intellectual learning (e.g., review of exciting new companies), direct participation in investment decisions, and flexible involvement—from mentoring to check writing.

From the Venture Capital model, HealthTech Capital offers professional management and follow-up with term sheet negotiation, board seat or observer rights, financial oversight, and transparent processes. Studies show that Angel investing success is related to due diligence and active investment participation.


Over $50 Billion has been invested in the new digital health or HealthTech sectors since 2011. In addition to US government initiatives driving HealthTech into a faster adoption curve,  Providers (hospitals, medical clinics, doctor's offices and other health care organizations) are being pushed by payers to be more cost efficient and Patient Centric.


HealthTech Capital founder is a well-known thought leader and pioneer with a proven track record in building HealthTech companies!  Our members have deep domain expertise in healthcare, information technology, finance, and consumer products.


HealthTech capital members serve for rotating terms on the Screening Committee. These members have experience with the HealthTech stakeholders including business solutions for providers, payers and patients. Our members’ expertise covers Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics, Medical Device & Instrumentation, Drug Discoveries, Diagnostics and Healthcare Services.


Do you charge companies to present?Absolutely not! HTC does not charge application or presentation fees. Because HealthTech Capital provides significant added value to companies, such as leading a term sheet, strategic advice, industry connections, mentoring, board members and board observers, common stock options are expected in exchange for these services.


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