Healthtech capital mentoring

HealthTech Capital Mentoring Program

 As early stage  investors, we  recognize the needs for adding value as mentors.  


We can help validate technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management, provide industry contacts, and bring in additional  financing.  


 Depending on each entrepreneur unique needs,  our mentors  can serve as strategic advisers, board members, and/or board observers. 


 The value-add to companies is significant, and compensation in the form of common stock grant or vesting options is expected  over the first 12 -24 months.

Mentoring Process

  For early stage companies,  we may explore the existing team vulnerability and how our mentors may bring the missing expertises.

Deep Healthcare Experience

Our mentors have deep experience across All Healthcare Sectors: Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Biotech, HIT, and All Buyers: Providers, Patients, Payers, Pharma, Employers 

Company Builders

Our HTC mentors are company builders with strategic & tactical skills in sales, marketing, business models,  software,  UI, finance, M&A, fundraising, clinical validation, contract negotiation, and payment !

Partial List of Mentors

Anne DeGheest

Anne DeGheest, healthtech capital, founder, mentor

HealthTech, MedTech,  Market Disruptor, Business models, Leadership

Ben Lenail

Ben Lenail, healthtech capital, mentor

 Diagnostics, Therapies, Analytics 

Steve Ciesinski

Steve Ciesinksi, healthtech capital, mentor

Business Models, Financing Straegy

Marga Ortigas-Wedekind

Marga Ortigas-Wedekind, mentor, HealthTech Capital

Commercialization,  Digital Health,  Medical Technology, Leadership

Charlie Ryan

charlye ryan, healthtech capital, mentor

Finance, Strategy, M&A

Jesus Saucedo

Jesus Saucedo, Md, mentor, healthtech capital

Physician, AI, Data, Telemedicine, 

Urgent and Primary Care 

Carl Bouthillette

carl bouthillette, healthtech capital, mentor

  Medical Devices, Business Development, Operations, Medicaid

Robert Molinari

robert Molinari, PhD, mentor, healthtech capital

Biotools, Digital Pharma, Biotech

Hobert Wai

hobert wai, healthtech capital, mentor

Biotech, Genomics, Proteomics, Biotools, Clinical Labs

Prashant Mahajan

Prashant Mahajan, MD, healthtech capital, mentor

Physician (Emergency & Pediatric Emergency), AR, VR, Patient Safety

Ashley Waring

ashley waring, mentor healthtech capital

Human factors, Product Design & Testing, Marketing Landscape

Chris Jones

chris jones, healthtech capital mentor

Life Science, Digital Health, AI, BioCyber

James So

James So, mentor,Healthtech capital

Product Development, Portfolio Management, Operations

Kirandeep Kaur

Kirandeep Kaur, MD, mentor, healthtech capital

Physician, Ophthalmology,  Medicine

David Fox

david fox, mentor , healthtech capital

Early Stage Strategy & Operations, Digital Medicine

Cris Wedekind

Cris Wedekind, healthtech capital, mentor

Clinical & Operational Management

Wendy Kok

Wendy Kok, mentor, healthtech capital

Finance, Tax & Investment Management


Brock, mentor, healthtech capital

Stress Management