HealthTech Capital Members are experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders. They are seasoned startup investors with a history of supporting their companies. HTC's combination of health tech domain expertise and startup investment knowledge is unique.


  • HTC Members average 10+ years in startup investing.
  • Several members have been investing for 20+ years.


  • HTC Members invest in 2 to 7 startups per year.
  • Overall, HTC Members have invested in ~300 startup companies.


  • Most HTC Members have invested more than $100K in a single company.
  • Some have invested up to $2 million.


  • One-third of HTC Members are women.

Portfolio Highlight

We're proud to work with some of the most talented engineers, scientists and creative minds in the industry.

Our portfolio companies have raised over $600 Million


HealthTech Capital invests in capital efficient companies that leverage information technologies to improve healthcare delivery and decrease healthcare costs. HealthTech companies improve workflow, empower patients, and/or enhance wellness.


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