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HealthTech Capital members are industry leaders with domain expertise in healthcare, information technology, finance, and consumer products. The HTC Membership is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, executives, medical doctors, and venture capitalists. Although based in Silicon Valley, HealthTech Capital have members nationwide.

Benefits of membership include

  • New Investment Opportunities
  • Access to HealthTech deal flow
  • Diversified angel investment strategy
  • Syndicate with value added investors
  • Share due diligence
  • Improve deal terms through group investing
  • Mentor entrepreneurs
  • Expand personal and professional network


Investor Members

Angel Investors who participate and invest. Investor Members must be Accredited Investors.

Venture Members

Venture Capital firms interested in syndication, deal flow access and due diligence participation.

Industry Members

Established large companies with synergistic interests.

Payer Members

Self-insured employers and 3rd party payers (Accountable Care Organizations, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies).

Provider Members

Providers who validate pain points, may serve as prototype test sites, and are potential early adopters.

Sponsor Members

Sponsors who support the HealthTech Capital mission and add value to deal flow and diligence.

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