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HealthTech Capital is a group of financial and corporate investors dedicated to funding and mentoring new "HealthTech" start ups at the intersection of healthcare with the Big Data , IT and mobility worlds. HealthTech Capital is creating a new ecosystem with leading edge clinical providers, venture firms and other industry players.

In addition to providing seed and early stage funding, HealthTech Capital members actively mentor the entrepreneurial team. We work closely with entrepreneurs to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management, provide industry contacts, and bring in additional angel or venture capital financing. We serve as strategic advisors, board members, and board observers. The value add to companies is significant, and compensation in the form of common stock options is expected.

HealthTech Capital prides itself on its professionalism and respects company materials. HTC does not sign confidentiality agreements.

HealthTech Companies Investment "Sweet Spot"

A typical HealthTech Capital investment is a Company that:

  • Applies information technology to solve specific health care pain points with creative solutions
  • Improves workflow productivity
  • Empowers patients
  • Is seeking a seed or Series A investment

Each Company and investment opportunity is unique. HeathTech Capital is flexible.


Deliver concise answersDeliver concise answers After your presentation to the screening committee or dinner meeting, you will have a Q&A session. Keep your answers brief and to the point. You want to maximize the number of questions and engage the most people. You can always ask whether you answered the person's question completely. Avoid long-winded answers.

HealthTech Capital  Monthly Process

HealthTech Capital uses a private online platform to manage deal flow and company documents. We would be pleased to consider your company for investment. 

Our screening committee looks at companies submission by the first Friday of every month and typically invite 4 to 5 companies to present at our screening dinner on the third Tuesday of every month in Palo Alto.

The major steps are:

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  • Important: Fill out your company application COMPLETELY.
  • HealthTech Capital values its reputation. Although HTC treats company materials with respect, it makes no warranty and does not sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Our members will review your submission. Based on their ratings, our screening commitee will select companies to present to members at our screening  dinner meeting. During the meeting, members record thoughts, questions, and perceptions. We compile this information and provide you with feedback.
  • If the company generates sufficient investment interest, HealthTech capital will do deeper due diligence in anticipation of funding.
  • HealthTech Capital strives to be efficient and responsive. Because each company is unique, the timeline to funding varies.
  • We work closely with companies and provide hands-on mentoring. We work as advisors and board members to help the company achieve success. Companies typically incentivize active participation of appropriate HealthTech members through a stock option program, if appropriate.


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