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HealthTech Capital Announces Awards for the HealthTech Conference 2012
Written by Anne DeGheest // 01 November 2012 // Conferences, healthtech

Los Altos Hills, CA. November 1, 2012HealthTech Capital, the only investing ecosystem focused exclusively on the HealthTech space, announced today that Asthmapolis is the winner of the “Most Promising HealthTech Company of 2012” and WellnessFX is the winner of the “People’s Choice.” These winners were selected at the October 26 HealthTech Conference 2012. This well-attended conference was organized by HealthTech Capital’s three managing directors, Anne DeGheest, Don Ross, and Kathy LaPorte. The conference theme was on "How to Build a Business in the New HealthTech Ecosystem".

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Anne DeGheest at Health 2.0 SF 2012: An Invite to HealthTech Conference 10.26.12
Written by Anne DeGheest // 15 October 2012 // Conferences, healthtech, Video

Watch my video interview at Health2.0 about the upcoming HealthTech Conference on October 26.

How do you Build a HealthTech Business? How do you get the first pilot and Purchased Order from a provider? How do you iterate your revenue model? How do you get venture capitalist interested?...Come find out at the HealthTech Conference!


Anne DeGheest at Health 2.0 SF 2012: An Invite to HealthTech Conference 10.26.12 from XanateMedia on Vimeo.

Digital Health: Almost a Real, Live Business
Written by Anne DeGheest // 13 October 2012 // healthtech

David Schaywitz wrote an interesting article in Forbes called Digital Health: Almost a Real, Live Business

"While the evolution of the digital health ecosystem has seemed at times almost painfully contrived, it’s now appears to have reached the point where it requires but a few sprinkles of magic fairy dust to be truly alive". David does an excellent job describing the growing amount of digital health incubators and exploding number of digital health entrepeneurs ..but there is a serious lack of funding by established venture capitalists ..still sitting on the fence..until succesfull revenue models emerge for the Direct To Consumer models.

It is my opinion that there is NO silver bullet or an equivalent of Google or Facebook to fix healthcare. This is not a "golden needle" in a hay stag that we need to find... Most digital health startups are trying to change the behavior of patients and hope it will create real that somebody will pay for it. They are also significant opportunities to provide better productivity tools for the existing healthcare delivery providers...with real cost savings...that can be monetized...but that requires a deep understanding of the complexity of the healthcare system... And experience in navigating its booby-traps!

HealthTech Capital Announces HealthTech Conference 2012
Written by Don Ross // 03 August 2012 // Conferences, healthtech, HealthTech Capital

While our healthcare system is in a state of flux, new opportunities are exploding and a flood of new technologies are appearing from outside the healthcare domain. The onset of new mobile technologies, personalization, real time information, persistent monitoring and other innovations promise to remake the way healthcare is delivered.

 But these technologies often arrive without an understanding of unique challenges presented by our healthcare system. The HealthTech Conference 2012 is specifically designed to be an interactive practical experience with ample networking opportunities. We’ll explore the real pain points of providers with CEOs of major hospitals. Thought leaders will look at the enabling technologies remaking the healthcare landscape. Leaders of successful companies will share their lessons learned in the HealthTech domain.

Top venture capitalists will share how they evaluate HealthTech companies. Top emerging HealthTech companies will be in the Demo Hall. Audience voting combined with the investor input will select the “Most Promising 2012 HealthTech Company.

 Major networking opportunities are planned throughout the day, which wraps with a reception and conversations recapping the event.

October 26 at Mission Bay in San Francisco--hope to see you there! 

See Details Below

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Funding of life science companies are going through drastic changes!
Written by Anne DeGheest // 09 February 2012 // Angel funding, Entrepreneur, healthtech, mobile health, Š¯ealthTech Capital, digital health, HIT

Today, I was on a funding panel organized by Singularity University during their FutureMed program. Traditional medical devices and biotech companies are facing a significant funding gap from the shrinking venture industry. This is due to the lack of clarity of the FDA approval process and the challenges in getting reimbursement for new products. As a result funding in traditional life science companies has decreased significantly especially for the earlier rounds. However a new sector is emerging under different names: digital health, mobile health, HIT or HealthTech. The direct to consumer applications have seen a surge of new startups in the last 12 months, followed by Angels or technology venture capitalist. There are two areas that are emerging with significant opportunities:

· Improving the productivity of the existing healthcare providers in the existing fee for services payment system and under the upcoming patient population driven by the healthcare reforms.

· Engaging the patient to take responsibility to manage their health or chronic disease conditions.

These two sectors will require new approaches in building businesses. Starting with a small amount of initial capital, these young companies need to be heavily mentored to understand the pain points of all the stakeholders in the healthcare systems, engage consumer to change behavior, leverage the new mobility and social platform.. Without requiring significant capital investment!

These are the time of defining pain points, quick prototyping, customer feedback, product iteration to understand user adoptions.....and the revenue model!

Too many entrepreneurs are developing cool apps... Without spending enough time on the business issues. Since there may be low IP protection, what are the barriers of entry on the business side? How will your acquire the an acceptable cost? How will you retain them? Who will pay..and why? What will you have to do to convince them? Do you have to interface with the existing medical information system? How scalable is you backend operation? These are questions that you first investors will ask.. If you don't have these answers you will need a clear roadmap on how to get them!



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