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Anne DeGheest: Silicon Valley HealthTech Pioneer (video)
Written by Anne DeGheest // 02 November 2014 // Entrepreneur, healthtech, Video

Full article on MedExpo e-magazine:

HealthTech Conference Awards the Most Promising HealthTech Company of 2014 to VitreosHealth while Accel Diagnostics Wins The People’s Choice
Written by Anne DeGheest // 24 October 2014 // Conferences, healthtech, НealthTech Capital

October 21, 2014 - The HealthTech Conference once again gathered around 500 of the brightest minds in Healthcare and Technology last week at the two-day event in San Mateo, CA. Hosted by Anne DeGheest and Don Ross of HealthTech Capital, the conference explored how to build sustainable HealthTech Businesses by bringing together the best minds from the existing healthcare stakeholders with investors and creative entrepreneurs. The yearly gathering convened HealthTech leaders to discuss the greatest industry pain-points and define best approaches to change healthcare delivery in the changing payment system and realignment of risk between employers, payers, providers, physicians and ultimately the consumers!

One of the major opportunities discussed by panelists was the need for increased collaboration between hospitals, established industry players and entrepreneurs to improve healthcare delivery models through technology innovation and partnerships. In line with this theme, HealthTech Conference hosted a Start-up Venture Competition intended to identify innovative companies that leverage technologies to change healthcare delivery, decrease cost and empower patients. Live at the event, three start-up founder finalists, Vitreous Health, Frame Health and iHuman Patients presented their companies and received feedback from the Venture Panel, including: Joel Krikston of Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Wende Hutton of Canaan Partners, Casper de Clercq of Norwest Venture Partners and Jonathan Root of U.S. Venture Partners.

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Looking Back on 2013, Predictions for 2014
Written by Anne DeGheest // 06 April 2014 // НealthTech Capital, healthtech, HIT, mobile health, digital health

Healthtech and Digital Health investment doubled in 2013 to over $2 Billion.

However, over 73% went to seed and series A investments, with still a flat amount of deals funded by venture capitalists at the series B and C stages.

Are we going to see a growing funding crunch for all these young companies or will we see increasing VC investments?

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HealthTech Conference 2013 identifies massive opportunities for healthtech entrepreneurs
Written by Anne DeGheest // 23 November 2013 // Conferences, healthtech
HealthTech Conference 2013 identifies massive opportunities for healthtech entrepreneurs

By Anne DeGheest

Please check my article on VentureBeat:

HealthTech Conference 2013 was bustling with energy with “an all-star lineup” of the leading minds in the healthcare industry. The sold-out event demystified the tectonic shifts in our healthcare system and identified specific actions that startup companies must take to be successful.

Big takeaway: The healthcare industry is being disrupted in a massive way, and 16% of GDP is being turned over, creating a tsunami of opportunities!

Overcoming challenges to build successful healthtech companies

The conference emphasized the need for collaboration between healthcare systems, payors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and investors around emerging opportunities for healthcare innovations. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • The existing Gold Rush towards quickly deploying new digital health solutions is repeating the mistakes we made during the dotcom years — focusing too much on building a demo to show off the digital technologies instead of building a proven value-added solution that a lot of people are willing to pay for.
  • Entrepreneurs often develop a technology without spending enough time defining the pain points for all the stakeholders involved. The winners will create total solutions that benefits physicians, patients, and the ultimate payors.
  • Existing care delivery is not sustainable for both the hospitals and physicians. New models will emerge that deliver care wherever patients are: at home, at work, or at the mall.
  • New data created must be liquid and easy to integrate with other health information systems from mobile systems to hospital EMRs. We do not need more data silos. And don’t forget to ensure HIPAA data compliance for security and privacy requirements.
  • Data only has value if it becomes actionable with proven impact metrics on the subpopulation that needs to change. For example, digital technologies that enable aging at home need to address seniors with different technology skill sets than they would use to address younger consumers.

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Doctors Vs. Technologists: A Medical Prize Fight
Written by Anne DeGheest // 29 July 2013 // digital health, healthtech

Dr. Robert Pearl, CEO of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group wrote a great article in Forbes on Doctors Vs. Technologists: A Medical Prize Fight.

Fighting in the technologists’ corner: Vinod Khosla, a venture capitalist and founder of Khosla Ventures. His opponent: Dr. Abraham Verghese, a physician and author of the best-selling novel “Cutting for Stone.” It was a draw!!

Technologists are making the assumption that medicine is a science that just need to be decoded into sophisticated algorithms like the IBM Watson computer. However, there is still a LOT that we do not understand how the body operates while healthy or under attack from some disease. Several years ago the AMA in the US and a study in Belgium showed that when they did an autopsy of patients who died in hospitals for a year, the original diagnosis had only been correct 50% of the time!

What we need is a collaboration of technologists and doctors to develop new technologies to help us understand what is really happening inside the body..and more importantly how to get the patients to follow the medical recommendations and change their behaviors..the human touch factor! This is why at HealthTech capital we have build a group of members who each bring at least one of the three sets of expertise needed to change healthcare: medical knowledge, understanding of new enabling technologies and understanding on how to engage and change consumer/patients behavior.



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