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Interview with Anne DeGheest

Written by Anne DeGheest // 04 October 2013 // Video, Interview,

Please check a series of interview with  Anne DeGheest. Learn form a seasoned HealthTech VC.

This is a 3 part series on HealthTech Capital and The HealthTech Conference on October 30, 2103 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

In this first episode Anne DeGheest talks about the panel discussions and what you will learn by attending The HealthTech Conference. I have seen a lot of conferences over the years. This conference is unique in that it gives the entrepreneur, and investor the tools that need to succeed in providing health related technology.Anne goes on in this episode to convey the new economy and GDP as it relates to HealthCare and possible opportunities. She also discusses patients role in the future in Health Care.This audio series is something you are going to want to bookmark and review over and over again.

In this second episode, Anne DeGheest talks about the power of social media, Aging Demographics, Smartphones, and Behavior modification. She also talks about the 3 aspects all start-ups should have and how to create a great product.

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