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Digital Health Summer Summit - Jill Gilbert and Anne DeGheest talk “Digital Health Markets to Watch”

Written by Anne DeGheest // 16 June 2014 // Conferences, digital health,

As we ramp up for Digital Health Summer Summit 2014, Anne DeGheest, who will moderate the “Gaining Traction: The Markets to Watch” panel, shares answers to five burning digital health questions:

#1 @dhsummit: What sparked your interest in healthcare technology?

@ADeGheest: I have been an early pioneer in a space I defined as HealthTech over 20 years ago as an entrepreneur, advisor or investor in disrupting companies like Nellcor, Pyxis, Omnicell and VISICU. In 2010, I founded HealthTech Capital, an ecosystem of angels, venture and corporate members to identify, fund and mentor promising young HealthTech companies that can leverage computer technologies to change healthcare delivery by lowering cost instead of traditional medtech and biotech companies who have to get FDA approval to improve clinical outcome.

#2 @dhsummit: What key piece of advice would give to a young digital health company?

@ADeGheest: Be ready for a marathon, not a sprint. It will take a village of smart money and people to validate and build a sustainable revenue model.

#3 @dhsummit: Is there a digital health gadget you could not live without and why?

@ADeGheest: Not Yet! Fun toys so far.

#4 @dhsummit: Where do you see digital health in ten years and how will it impact the world’s overall health?

@ADeGheest: We need to provide the rights tools for patients to take responsibility and proactively manage their health.

#5 @dhsummit: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Digital Health Summer Summit?

@ADeGheest: Exchange of ideas and experience how healthcare in the U.S. is rapidly changing

And none better than our very own Summer Summit Producer, Jill Gilbert – to fill us in on why we just can’t miss this year’s event:


The Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco is fast approaching — June 19-20. In case you need that extra nudge, here are five reasons you shouldn’t miss this year’s Summer Summit.

1. Digital Health’s First Toolkit. We’ve designed an unforgettable two-day summit. We’re declassifying winning strategies and market opportunities; diving into what it takes to build killer partnerships; showing the ingredients of what it takes to build successful innovations from scratch; and, rounding it all out with looking at the key trends and opportunities you should be targeting in digital health. All with one singular goal in mind: helping you create the most epictoolkit, chock full of tangible takeaways and new partnerships to boot.

2. Why Didn’t I Think of That? Well, why didn’t you? We’ve got a healthy obsession for the latest and greatest of digital health, so we’ve scoured the planet to bring you some of the coolest products and platform demos out there.

3. Bright lights & Open Space. We all know that natural light makes us more productive. We’ve hand-selected Terra Gallery, an open art gallery, loft-like space with tons of bright lights with a creative, yet cozy feel. If great partnerships are born with the right ambiance, then consider us the digital health matchmaker. We promise that by the end of the first coffee break, you’ll feel more rejuevenated than ever before. Great coffee? definitely. Floor to ceiling windows? Absolutely.

4. Get down, get dirty. Get up close and personal with leaders in one of our carefully curated workshops. Held on June 18th, join us for custom bootcamps in Product Development, Robotics and Health Innovation. We are partnering with some of the leaders in each space to bring you the information you need to success in digital health—like Rock Health, the ONC, Silicon Valley Robots, and much more.

5. Innovative Companies, Unforgettable People. From IBM Watson, Welltok, MC10, Ximedica, Vidant Health, UCSF (and still many others yet unannounced) we’re bringing in some of the most cutting edge brands and leaders. Couple that with sessions designed for you to meet and collaborate with other leaders in the space and you’ve got conference magic. Tired of reading and ready to start doing? Sign up for the Digital Health Summer Summit here.

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