Webinar November 17 on lessons learned at 2015 HealthTech Conference
Written by Anne DeGheest // 11 November 2015 // Conferences, НealthTech Capital, healthtech, HealthTech Capital

Webinar on Lessons learned at 2015 HealthTech conference

We will have a 60 minutes webinar with Q&A to go over some of my keynote slides and discuss our top ten lessons learned from our panels discussion at the 2015 HealthTech Conference
Webinar: November 17, 2015 at 11 am PT: 
• Please register ASAP as we will only have a limited number of virtual seats. 

• Afterwards, we will post the recorded video on You Tube under "Lessons learned at the 2015 HealthTech Conference".

Watch last year video on "Lessons learned at the 2014 HealthTech Conference"


Care Angel won The People’s Choice at the HealthTech Conference 2015
Written by Anne DeGheest // 30 October 2015 // Conferences, healthtech, НealthTech Capital

CareAngel won the prestigious People Choice Award selected by a 400-person audience voting for the most exciting exhibiting company!

"Although it was a tight race between the 46 exhibitors, CareAngel won the People Choice Award of the 2015 HealthTech conference," said Anne DeGheest, Founder of the HealthTech Conference and Managing Director of HealthTech Capital. We want to support these companies by bringing visibility to their proven models and connecting them to the right players. It is my pleasure to award CareAngel the People's Choice award! Voted by our audience"

Care Angel is revolutionizing the way we care for our aging loved ones. Fact is, we all could use help caring for aging loved ones but traditional options are costly, technical & complicated to use and maintain. Introducing, "Angel", every families' virtual caregiving assistant (like Siri-for-Seniors). Angel uses powerful AI & voice-recognition to interface with a simple telephone, so mom doesn't need anything other than any landline or mobile phone to help mom be safe. In less than 2 minutes a day, Angel does check-in calls to your elderly loved ones and has a guided conversation gathering mental, physical & emotional well-being measures that includes medication adherence and overall health vitals status.

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HealthTech Conference Awards the Most Promising HealthTech Company of 2015 to LimeLight Health
Written by Anne DeGheest // 30 October 2015 // Conferences, healthtech, НealthTech Capital

Limelight Health wins the most promising HealthTech companies of 2015.

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Serial Entrepreneurs: Lessons Learned from Jeff Margolis - see you at the HealthTech Conference!
Written by Anne DeGheest // 06 September 2015 //

HealthTech Conference is back on October 27-28, 2015 for its 4th annual installmentand this year's theme, "Moving the Needle in HealthTech", will highlight how industry leaders have implemented disruptive solutions from emerging companies and validated their impact.

One of our most requested panels, Lessons Learned from Serial Entrepreneurs, hosts successful founders that share their different approaches to building businesses, developing partners, raising funding and executing on their visions.  The deep panel discussion about theDo's and Don'ts of entrepreneurship has been value-added to many of our attendees. 

This year, we have two entrepreneurs in theUnicorn Club of the $1 Billion exit range ... who are now leading new HealthTech companies:   

  • Jeff Margolis, Chairman and CEO, Welltok was the founder and CEO of Trizetto, the first industry vertical SaaS enterprise solution, and originated the concept of Integrated Healthcare Management. During his tenure as Chairman and CEO, Jeff led TriZetto through a successful IPO and $1.4B private equity buyout.
  • Glen Tullman, Chairman and CEO, Livongo Health has founded or co-founded a number of ventures and was the CEO of Enterprise Systems and Allscripts that he both took public. 


"I am officially going on the record that the healthcare system does not get the credit it deserves for Information Technology advancements it has made over the years. My theory is that this below average perception has been perpetuated because most of the maddeningly, complex enterprise systems have been implemented to serve administrative and clinical functions, and were not designed to create excellent experiences for consumers. Therefore, the technology consumers have been exposed to in healthcare has largely been in the form of adjunct portals duct-taped to existing systems, or an over-the-shoulder view of a physician entering data in their patient chart. That's a challenge we are addressing at Welltok with the introduction of the industry's first enterprise-level consumer health platform, but that's a topic for another time.

What I'll be discussing with Glen Tullman (Allscripts and Livongo) on the HealthTech panel "Serial Entrepreneurs: Secrets to Success" is how we've been successful to date and why we are not done. Health IT is far more complex than most people acknowledge or can comprehend. There needs to be a respect for the systems in place, but we also need to move more quickly as an industry and continue to innovate. This is why Glen and I are still hacking away at challenges in healthcare that can be solved with technology, and not resting on our laurels.

While this may seem daunting to an outsider - hence the earlier framing - this is what drives me to be a serial entrepreneur. There is tremendous opportunity in health technology, and personally, I believe our biggest successes are yet to come. "


Practical Business Building Knowledge - Deep dive panel discussions and workshops onHow to Build Successful HealthTech companieswith over  30 HealthTech Thought Leaders

Unique Business and Market Development Opportunities - our conference exhibitors can enter a Match Making program which organizes private meeting with 20 leading business partners or potential customers.

Conference exhibitors have the option to enter our Venture and People Choice competitions - we are targeting companies which want to increase their exposure to large investors, business partners, and potential customers.

High quality networking - we have listed Prior Conferences attendees and statistics:

- Be sure to click on the tab for investors, Key Players, Emerging companies, Payers, and Providers.

- Click on the tabs for 2012, 2013, and 2014 to see prior year agendas and additional information.


Register as an Attendee: Currently $850 untilOctober 1st; $1,295 at the door.

Sign up as an Exhibitor: Emerging companies looking for Partners to scale up!

Sign up as a Match Maker: Business Innovation Leaders looking to partner with pre-screened emerging technology companies / startups. 

Hoping to see you the Conference!

TiECon 2015
Written by Anne DeGheest // 29 April 2015 // Conferences
On May 15 and 16, 2015, TiEcon has offered HealthTech capital friends a promo code TiE-Health while registering to get $100 off of a 2-day pass. TieCon has an entire track dedicated to Healthcare and specifically Health Tech, you will surely get inspired by an overabundance of talent, learn from the biggest names in the industry, and network.


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