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HealthTech capital members serve for rotating terms on the Screening Committee. These members have experience with the HealthTech stakeholders including business solutions for providers, payers and patients. Our members’ expertise covers Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics, Medical Device & Instrumentation, Drug Discoveries, Diagnostics and Healthcare Services.

Pat Arensdorf


Pat Arensdorf

Pat Arensdorf is an entrepreneurial general manager with a focus on strategy, change management and rapid growth companies. Deep experience in a wide range of healthcare product markets and medical specialties. Extensive financing and corporate development background.

Most recently, he has been involved in the launch of new ventures, both independent startups and new corporate development efforts within existing companies. Frequently he is brought in by founders, investors or corporate parents to launch a new area as an independent business or overcome a key business hurdle, generally as an interim manager or strategic consultant. He has been part of the founding management team in several startups, formulating their business models, market focus and initial products, execution plans, and raising initial angel and institutional rounds of financing. All of these companies, Critical Diagnostics, Tethys Bioscience, Intersect ENT, and Simpirica Spine, have gone on to successfully raise venture financing, recruit and expand management teams, and launch these products.

He has also been involved in turnarounds. In a previous role as the CEO of First Medical, a medical device/diagnostics venture, he restarted the company, built a team from 8 to over 120 employees, fielded a national sales force, and launched the company's initial product. He sold this company and remained as division president of the Fortune 500 acquiror for two years post-acquisition. His early career included work in private equity and international M&A in medical fields spanning surgical gloves and supplies (Ansell Edmont rollup) through pacemakers/defibrillators (Telectronics now St. Jude), as well as across IT (Telesphere spinout and sale) and other industries (GNB Batteries, Colt's Firearms, Omniglow).

Finally, he stays involved with several medical angel groups, including HealthTech Capital and Life Science Angels, including as a mentor to Stanford Biodesign and other programs.

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