Screening Committee: Member

HealthTech capital members serve for rotating terms on the Screening Committee. These members have experience with the HealthTech stakeholders including business solutions for providers, payers and patients. Our members’ expertise covers Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics, Medical Device & Instrumentation, Drug Discoveries, Diagnostics and Healthcare Services.

Maurice Franco


Maurice Franco

Mentoring and funding new "HealthTech" start ups in a forum that brings to the table the healthcare, pharma, biotech, consumer hygiene, IT, mobile telecommunications and business perspectives. Specialties: Pulmonary, Critical Care Medicine, Ambulatory Sleep, Medical Informatics (content and workflow design).

Stanford University School of Medicine, 1980 - 1982
Baylor College of Medicine, 1975 - 1980
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Doctor of Medicine (MD) 1967 - 1975

HealthTech Capital, Member 2012 -
Kaiser Permanente, EHR Regional Lead - Pulmonary Medicine 1995 - 2012
Kaiser Permanente, Medical Director Respiratory Care Services 1982 - 2012
Kaiser Permanente, Medical Director PFT and Ambulatory Sleep Laboratory 1982 - 2012
Kaiser Permanente, Pulmonary, Critical care, Ambulatory Sleep Medicine, Senior Physician 1982 - 2012
Kaiser Permanente, Chairman Pulmonary Chiefs 1996 - 1997



Do you charge companies to present?Absolutely not! HTC does not charge application or presentation fees. Because HealthTech Capital provides significant added value to companies, such as leading a term sheet, strategic advice, industry connections, mentoring, board members and board observers, common stock options are expected in exchange for these services.


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