Screening Committee: Member

HealthTech capital members serve for rotating terms on the Screening Committee. These members have experience with the HealthTech stakeholders including business solutions for providers, payers and patients. Our members’ expertise covers Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics, Medical Device & Instrumentation, Drug Discoveries, Diagnostics and Healthcare Services.

Brock Mansfield


Brock Mansfield

Brock Mansfield has more than 20 years of experience in family office early stage and growth equity investing. During that time, companies he has been involved with have generated more than $400M in liquidity for shareholders. Since 2007, he has been with Keeler Investments Group (KIG), where he currently serves as Partner and is responsible for KIG’s early stage and private equity portfolio. Recent exits include Eden Rock (sold to Nokia), Torrent Technologies (sold to Marsh), Cleanscapes (sold to Recology), and Virticus (sold to LSI). Currently active investments include PitchBook, Transpose, CSATS, Modumetal, and Imprev, and board seats at investments Full Circle Farms and Samepage Health. Prior to joining KIG, Brock was CEO of Colvos Industries after starting his career as an Associate at Endeavour Capital.

An active member of the community, Brock was the founder of Seattleworks, past President of the Stanford GSB Alumni Association, past President of EO Seattle, and a member of the Lakeside Alumni Board and the Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club Board. Recognizing his work in the community, he has received the Doug Mason Award from the Municipal League of King County, was twice named to The Weekly’s “40 under 40″ list, and was named Board Member of the Year by the Boys & Girls Club of King County. He was also fortunate to coach his son’s baseball team to the Little League World Series. He is a graduate of Stanford Business School after receiving a BA in English from Trinity College. He lives with his wife and two sons on Mercer Island.


Do you charge companies to present?Absolutely not! HTC does not charge application or presentation fees. Because HealthTech Capital provides significant added value to companies, such as leading a term sheet, strategic advice, industry connections, mentoring, board members and board observers, common stock options are expected in exchange for these services.


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