HealthTech Market

HealthTech is a new emerging market opportunity that leverages mobility and other information technologies to improve healthcare delivery while decreasing costs. Creative use of cloud computing, Internet services, social media, and mobility is revolutionizing patient-centric healthcare and independent aging in place. Across the entire spectrum from the hospital to the home, healthcare delivery is undergoing a major disruption. Disruptions create opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors.

US government initiatives are driving HealthTech into a faster adoption curve. Hospitals, medical clinics, doctor’s offices and other health care organizations are facing government-mandated deadlines to show “meaningful use” of health care information technology products, and changes in reimbursement are driving more cost effective healthcare delivery. This is spurring increased adoption of technologies to improve connectivity and workflow throughout the continuum of care.

New information technology applications will help drive changes in health care delivery. Forward-looking hospitals, for example, are extending their business models beyond their walls into the community and patients’ homes. From mobile applications to cloud-based processing, information technology is enabling paradigm changing business models for wellness and acute disease management from the hospitals to the home.

Historically, venture funding has focused on “Efficacy” (therapeutic drugs and medical devices) and paid little attention to improving “Efficiencies” of healthcare delivery processes. Today, new paradigm shifting companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Adidas, Nike and others are turning their attention to HealthTech and bringing science to Healthcare Delivery.


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