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Angels, VCs Come Together to Back Health-Care Tech Makers
Written by Anne DeGheest // 12 March 2011 // Angel funding, Entrepreneur
On March 11, 2011, Timothy Hay, from Venture Wire, wrote the following article on VC Funds News:
A group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, angel investors, corporations and health-care providers have banded together to invest in companies that assist in the delivery of health care, a market some investors say has been woefully underserved.

 "I've been a lonely pioneer in funding health-care technology," said Anne DeGheest, a founder and managing director of newly formed HealthTech Capital, who is also a managing partner at MedStars Venture Partners, a two-person early-stage firm with an emphasis on health care.

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Healthcare IT: From Black Sheep to the Golden Goose?
Written by Anne DeGheest // 15 January 2011 // Angel funding, Conferences, Entrepreneur, Video
 January 13, 2011, the last day of OneMedForum and JP Morgan conferences in San Francisco, gave a new meaning to "last, but not least" as investors and company CEO's kept their ears peeled to hear about new innovations taking place in the Healthcare IT market. 

Healthcare IT day featured an expert panel moderated by Anne DeGheest (HealthTech Capital) covering the delivery of healthcare from within hospital walls. These conversations are fresh and rather unfamiliar as information management and technology merge with changes in the business landscape and are transforming the shape of organizations that provide clinical services.  Company presentations and breakout sessions followed allowing for an uncovering of new ideas and partnering opportunities for investors and IT companies.

Tips and advices for entrepreneurs
Written by Anne DeGheest // 04 January 2011 // Conferences, Entrepreneur, Video
A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by a TV news reporter at a Stanford conference on medical innovations.

Please watch the video for the excerpts.

Anne DeGheest, Mentor Capitalist, on The Frank Peters Show
Written by Anne DeGheest // 16 November 2010 // Angel funding, Entrepreneur

Anne DeGheest was interviewed on the Frank Peters Show about her track record as a mentor capitalist at MedStars and about her new angel group and ecosystem, HealthTech Capital, that fund new companies trying to improve healthcare cost and empower the patients.

 Angels bring more than money; we've all heard that claim before, but Anne DeGheest has great results to show from her efforts mentoring entrepreneurs.  

Anne's HealthTech Capital works "in a space where companies use technology to improve health but don't need FDA approval". That streamlines the process and reduces costs to get products to market.

Does it work?
Is it a fruitful area to focus on? I'll bet you can guess her reply."

Please listen to the recording.



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