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Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology 2014 Conference
Written by Anne DeGheest // 27 December 2013 // Conferences
I will be a judge on the venture panel at the Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology 2014 Conference next April 23-25 in San Francisco, CA. Conference venue information: Merchant’s Exchange:  465 California Street #1600 Event San Francisco, CA 94104
HealthTech Conference 2013 identifies massive opportunities for healthtech entrepreneurs
Written by Anne DeGheest // 23 November 2013 // Conferences, healthtech
HealthTech Conference 2013 identifies massive opportunities for healthtech entrepreneurs

By Anne DeGheest

Please check my article on VentureBeat:

HealthTech Conference 2013 was bustling with energy with “an all-star lineup” of the leading minds in the healthcare industry. The sold-out event demystified the tectonic shifts in our healthcare system and identified specific actions that startup companies must take to be successful.

Big takeaway: The healthcare industry is being disrupted in a massive way, and 16% of GDP is being turned over, creating a tsunami of opportunities!

Overcoming challenges to build successful healthtech companies

The conference emphasized the need for collaboration between healthcare systems, payors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and investors around emerging opportunities for healthcare innovations. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • The existing Gold Rush towards quickly deploying new digital health solutions is repeating the mistakes we made during the dotcom years — focusing too much on building a demo to show off the digital technologies instead of building a proven value-added solution that a lot of people are willing to pay for.
  • Entrepreneurs often develop a technology without spending enough time defining the pain points for all the stakeholders involved. The winners will create total solutions that benefits physicians, patients, and the ultimate payors.
  • Existing care delivery is not sustainable for both the hospitals and physicians. New models will emerge that deliver care wherever patients are: at home, at work, or at the mall.
  • New data created must be liquid and easy to integrate with other health information systems from mobile systems to hospital EMRs. We do not need more data silos. And don’t forget to ensure HIPAA data compliance for security and privacy requirements.
  • Data only has value if it becomes actionable with proven impact metrics on the subpopulation that needs to change. For example, digital technologies that enable aging at home need to address seniors with different technology skill sets than they would use to address younger consumers.

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CareInSync Steals the Stage at HealthTech Conference 2013
Written by Anne DeGheest // 11 November 2013 // Conferences
HealthTech Conference Awards the Most Promising HealthTech Company of 2013 and The People’s Choice – both to CareInSync

November 7, 2013 - The HealthTech Conference 2013, hosted by Anne DeGheest and Don Ross of HealthTech Capital, brought together the leading minds in the health industry. The sold out event, which was touted “an all-star lineup,” demystified the tectonic shifts in our healthcare system and identified specific actions that startup companies must take to be successful. It uniquely brought together healthcare systems, payors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss emerging  opportunities for healthcare innovations.

One of the major opportunities discussed by panelists was the need for increased collaboration between hospitals, established industry players and entrepreneurs to change healthcare delivery models through technology innovation. In line with this theme, five finalists – VSee, MyHealthTeams, CareInSync, FeetFirst, HealthSaaS and PSCI – presented their products and services on stage and received feedback from the Venture Panel. The panel was comprised of leading healthtech investors: Lisa Suennen of Psilos Group, Joe Smith of West Health, Maxwell  Kahn of Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, and Tom McKinley of Cardinal Partners. 

HealthTech Capital is pleased to announce that CareInSync won both The Most Promising HealthTech Company of 2013 and The People’s Choice Awards!

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Health 2.0 Partner discount
Written by Anne DeGheest // 26 September 2013 // Conferences
We have just received a discount code for Health 2.0 next week at the Santa Clara convention center. You can find the full conference agenda on the website here. Register now with the code: SV13Offer for a special $1749 partner rate!
HealthTech Capital and Stanford Hospital Announce HealthTech Conference 2013
Written by Anne DeGheest // 20 August 2013 // Conferences

Panel 1: What are the Unmet Needs of Providers?

Healthcare is changing faster than most of us ever expected! We are experiencing an explosion of innovations in new healthcare delivery processes, improved health data connectivity, new stages in mobile health and digital sensors.

"This is an amazing Tsunami of entrepreneurial opportunities... as 16% of US GDP is being transformed by forces never seen before: payers reforms are driven by Medicare and self-insured employers, large corporations like Wal-Mart, Qualcomm are pushing and enabling new paradigms to change how we deliver healthcare. We are moving from a volume driven fee-for-service dysfunctional market to a value based patient centric models."
- Anne DeGheest.

Investor and pioneer in creating new disruptive Healthtech companies and founder of Healthtech Capital & HealthTech Conference.

Not only are we enabling patients to better understand their own health but we are giving physicians deeper insight into chronic disease and population management. Telemedicine and new mobile health applications are enabling new, virtual doctor’s offices to meet the evolving needs of their patients wherever they are and at any time. Drastic changes in the payment system are also forcing hospitals to focus on delivering value-based services throughout the continuum of care instead of the traditional fee for services in acute care hospital settings.

We had an amazing and very positive response from our first conference, HealthTech Conference 2012. This year, we will continue to focus on How to Build a HealthTech Business with our expert panelists sharing the DOs and DON’Ts on how to navigate the changing world of healthcare. HealthTech Conference 2013 is partnering with Stanford Hospital to host this year’s event, which will feature 20 HealthTech leaders with expertise in medicine, hospital operations, business partnerships, investing and entrepreneurship and innovation. Last year, our panel “What are the Unmet Needs of the Providers” drew rave reviews, so we decided to dive into more in-depth discussion on how the leaders of healthcare delivery systems are prioritizing their needs for innovations:

  • In the last few years, new very large healthcare delivery systems are emerging from the acceleration of hospitals consolidation, physician practices acquisition and the recent development of risk sharing capability for the new Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models.
  • This year we are seeing an increased need for tools to help these new healthcare delivery systems deliver on these new business models.
  • It is expected that 75% of physicians will soon be working for a healthcare delivery systems.
  • Very large healthcare systems having revenue over $10 billion are emerging with explosive needs for better management and delivery tools...creating massive new opportunities!

Please join us to learn about the major HealthTech changes in the past year and what HealthTech leaders are looking forward to in coming years:

  • Digital health start-ups and applications are enabling better communication and collaboration inside and outside traditional medical facilities settings - how will hospitals’ care teams work better together?... through the continuum of care? …empowering the patients and family caregivers to decrease readmission?
  • FDA oversight is still not fully defined...but FDA has started to approve mobile applications for chronic care management and aging at home. How do these applications meet the needs of emerging healthcare delivery systems? What will it take for these ACOs to try them? buy them? What is the expected ROI? Who will pay? What the impact metrics needed to validate new products value proposition?
  • Advancements in data analytics are providing doctors and patients key information about conditions and diseases. How do we make this new data actionable and impactful? What are the key to success to develop and deploy these new tools?

"At Stanford Hospital & Clinics we're focused on leveraging innovative approaches to healing humanity through science and compassion one patient at a time." Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford Hospital & Clinics.

Stanford is focused on delivering leading edge and coordinated care across its healthcare system through its mission to care, educate and discover.

This year, we have another amazing line up of healthcare leaders to address these issues in our fist panel: what are their unmet needs? What is their definition of success when they evaluate these new tools? What is their priority of needs? What are the urgent unmet needs?

Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford Hospital & Clinics. As a part of Stanford University, the medical center has made groundbreaking impacts in medical innovation, garnering five Nobel prizes to date.

Rich Roth, VP Strategic Innovation, Dignity Health. Rich leads Dignity Health's innovation efforts, which seek to create and test novel services, programs, partnerships, and/or technologies - from within and outside of healthcare - that challenge the status quo and have the potential to reduce the cost of care, improve quality, and/or increase access to services.

Molly Coye, Chief Innovation Officer, UCLA. The UCLA Health System is a national leader in research and healthcare delivery for both highly specialized tertiary and quaternary clinical care and managed care services for large populations.

Brad Perkins, EVP for Strategy and Innovation & Chief Transformation Officer, Vanguard Health. Brad oversees Vanguard's business strategy and innovation efforts including clinical safety and quality programs, clinical service line improvement and development and information systems/medical informatics.

And this is just one of the many exciting panels at HealthTech Conference 2013.Please register here to join us at our HealthTech Conference on October 30 - the price goes up on September 1.



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