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Owen Tripp: Can Quality Data Mend Healthcare?

Written by Anne DeGheest // 31 August 2014 // Conferences, НealthTech Capital,

Conference spotlight By Owen Tripp, Grand Rounds Health

At the Healthtech Conference on October 15, 2014, Owen Tripp, Co-Founder and CEO of Grand Rounds will be joining our much anticipated panel, “Business Lessons Learned from Winners,” along with Bryan Roberts of Venrock, Jeff Tangney of Doximity, Peter Hudson of iTriage and Jeff Arnold of ShareCare, WebMd.

What makes a winner? This panel will discuss how to build companies from the idea stage to a sustainable revenue model. HealthTech companies have high market risk and there are a number of factors to consider to ensure success. Who are the stakeholders? Who will pay? How do you best iterate, quickly, to define the right value proposition? Why is it one of the greatest challenges to explore new and unproven revenue models in a changing payment system? What is the best time to partner to scale up? What are the pitfalls and hard lessons learned in scaling up too quickly?

Mending healthcare using quality data by Owen Tripp, co-founder and CEO of Grand Rounds

When people ask me about my favorite career accomplishment to date, I think they expect me to talk about co-founding or pioneering eBay’s approach to big data. But what we’ve done with Grand Rounds, even in just the few short years that we’ve been in existence, is much more meaningful and important to me. Our healthcare system is broken, and although we haven’t fixed it yet--that will take years, and a lot more solutions than just Grand Rounds--we’re putting pieces of it back together every day. It’s a worthy cause, and I’m willing to devote my life to it.

As an entrepreneur, I want to solve the problems that really matter. Grand Rounds is about tackling one of the biggest challenges our country is facing: people’s inability to find and access the best medical care when they need it most. I’ve been more energized and received more satisfaction in figuring out how to knock down the enormous walls that separate people from the doctors they need than anything else I’ve done.

Right now, when people need a top medical specialist, they search online or ask friends and family. If they really want to take their lives in their hands, they’ll look on review sites—which is notoriously unreliable when it comes to specialty care (one Stanford study noted an inverse correlation between the scores on a well-known review site and surgical outcomes!). But now, due to the confluence of big data and the ability to use it, we can leverage a proprietary algorithm that scores medical specialists using many different factors, including institution, publication history and outcomes. In doing so, we’re able to truly demystify which doctors are practicing the best care. That helps our patients get to the right specialist at a critical moment in their healthcare cycle. This couldn’t have been done just a few years ago.

But it’s not just data we need--it’s services that make people feel as though that they have a fighting chance when they’re inside the healthcare system, instead of consistently feeling beaten down, misled, and dehumanized (haven’t we all felt like “a number” at some point?). There’s no reason that every person in the country shouldn’t have access to their own medical records, or be able to interact with the healthcare system under their own terms. We have to build these foundations with patients—ourselves, our friends, our families, our neighbors—in mind. We constantly hear from our patients that Grand Rounds was the only bright part of an otherwise difficult patient journey.

It’s been hugely rewarding to build a team of people that are as deeply passionate about solving these problems as I am. Our sense of mission pervades the organization, and drives everything we do. It’s not necessarily a problem that we’ll solve in our lifetimes, but that doesn’t detract from the immense pleasures of the journey.”

One of the main themes of HealthTech Conference 2014 is what really makes a winner? The answer is to build a sustainable business, not just a product. Successful HealthTech companies deliver a value proposition with a provable ROI for the customer. As our healthcare industry evolves, these disruptive companies continuously investigate customer unmet needs. The driver is to provide an ongoing solution for these critical pain is just the enabler.

"The HealthTech Conference uniquely brings together healthcare systems, payors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and investors in practical engagement and conversation to advance innovation and technology for the betterment of humanity."
 –Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

Among our many panels, we’ll also investigate the unmet needs of the key players in the evolving healthcare ecosystem. For startups and large corporation, understanding the unmet needs of ALL the stakeholder is essential. How important are these unmet needs for potential buyers and users? What will it take for them to pilot or buy new solutions? How do they fit in the existing clinical workflows? Are they conflicting with other stakeholders? Are they changing? Do they need to integrate with other solutions?

Join us at the HealthTech Conference where we bring the key healthcare stakeholders together:

  • Providers (Stanford hospitals, UCSF, Sutter Health, Cedars Sinai, Kaiser and VNA)
  • Employers (Chief medical officers from Target, Cognizant and Safeway)
  • Third party payers (CMS/Medicare, United Health/Optum, and Blue shield California)
  • Patients/Consumers ( AARP, Adidas, ShareCare, iTriage, HealthLinkNow, Omada Health)
  • Physicians (Doximity, Doctor on Demand, GrandRounds Health, MedHelp/Physicians Interactive)
  • Leading Investors (Canaan, Interwest, USVP, Venrock, Norwest, CHCF, Merck Global Innovation Fund)

Come collaborate with our 50 speakers on evaluating our progress in changing healthcare delivery and working together to build the new HealthTech economy. We are all counting on your input - every patient, entrepreneur, provider, payer, established corporation, service provider, and investor – to drive the exploding healthtech sector in the coming year.

Check our agenda at The HealthTech Conference 2014, and register before our September 15 price increase.

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